Reviews of "Omega Void Tribvnal":


Aborted Eve (japanese)

Ave Noctum 8,5/10 (english) "given the devastating quality of ‘Omega Void Tribvnal’, I must say it’s made me as happy as a schwein in scheisse…"

Bleeding4Metal 8/10 (german)

Deadly Storm (czech / english) "The world is covered with darkness when you listen to this."

Evil Rocks Hard 10/10 (german)

FFM-Rock 9,9/10 (german)

Grind on the Road (italian) 9/10 (german) 8/10 (german)

Metal Hammer 5/7 (german) 7/10 (italian)

My Revelations 11/15 (german)

Lords of Metal 70/100 (english)

Reaper Zine 9/10 (german)

Trashocore 7,5/10 (french)

Voices From The Darkside (english): "[...] one of the best Death Metal releases I’ve heard through the last couple of years."

XXL-Rock 7/7 (german) "This is fucking Death Metal!"

Zephyr's Odem 9/10 (german)