Details - "Cultus Luciferi - The Splendour of Chaos"


01. Realm Of The Vortex
02. Chaos Aeon
03. Ruler Of The East
04. Forbidden Wisdom
05. Red Prison
06. Hammering The Nails - Vengeance Of The Damned
07. Pits Of Utumno
08. Burial Of A Plague
09. The Enemy Within

Recording line-up:

Dreier - vocals
René - guitars
Lutz - drums
Peter - bass

Album details:

Release: CD / Digi-Cd / LP 2008
Label: Animate Records / AR 022 / AR 023
War Anthem Records / WAR014LP

Recorded and mixed at the end of 2007 by Bernd Korades in Halle/Saale. Engineered and produced by Purgatory and Bernd Korades. Mastered by Patrick W. Engel at "Temple Of Disharmony" in January 2008. Band photography by Bert Arnold. Cover artwork and layout by Andy Rötzsch and Purgatory. Chaos symbol by Tattoo Devil Sandro. All music created by Purgatory, except "Pits Of Utumno", originally performed by Morgoth. All lyrics by Sick and Purgatory, except "Pits Of Utumno" by Morgoth. All intros and outros by Rei Rea. Guest appearances: Onielar (Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult), Martin van Drunen (Asphyx/Hail Of Bullets), Wannes Gubbels (Asphyx/Pentacle), Marc Grewe (Morgoth), Bernd Korades (Korades).

Cultus Luciferi - The Splendour Of Chaos CD

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