Details - Split Mini-LP with LIE IN RUINS - "The Legion of Desolation"Lie in Ruins/Purgatory - The Legion of Desolation


01. Dawn of Chaos (LIE IN RUINS)
02. Mother of All Abominations (LIE IN RUINS)
03. In Damnation Eternal (PURGATORY)
04. Fire to the Icons (PURGATORY)

Recording line-up (PURGATORY):

Dreier - vocals
René - guitars
Lutz - drums
Peter - bass

Recording line up (LIE IN RUINS):

Tuomas Kulmala - guitars
Roni Ärling - guitars
Roni Sahari - vocals

Album details:

Release: LP / Digi-CD / Tape 2018
bel: Animate Records / AR 082 (LP) / AR 083 (Digi-CD) / AR 084 (tape)

Tracks I and II recorded during 2017 by LIE IN RUINS and Henri Sorvali. Mixing and mastering by Henry Sorvali at Trollhouse Studio. All music and lyrics by LIE IN RUINS. Drums on this release played by Aki Koskinen. Bass by Jussi Venäläinen.

Tracks III and IV recorded in July 2017 by PURGATORY at Musical Massacre's Studio. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel ( All lyrics by AK Andychrist "Deathmonger". Choirs of damnation and additional vocals spit forth by SB, AK Andychrist "Deathmonger" (HATESPAWN/CHARON), Angel of Disease (HATESPAWN) and JK. Band photo by "Schizophreny Photography" (

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