Details - Split Mini-LP with DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT - "The Legion Of Chaos"


01. Ars Moriendi (Purgatory covered DNS)
02. Enslaved By Madness (DNS covered Purgatory)
03. Dawn Of Eternity (Purgatory covered Massacre)
. The Truth (DNS covered Master)

Recording line-up:

Dreier - vocals
René - guitars
Lutz - drums
Peter - bass

Album details:

Release: LP 2011 / Digi-CD 2017
Label: Animate Records / AR 038 (LP) / AR 066 (Digi-CD)

“Enslaved By Madness” / "The Truth" were manifested during the first half of 2010 at Soundsight Studio by Armin Rave. "Enslaved By Madness" originally composed by Purgatory. "The Truth" originally  composed by Master.

"Ars Moriendi" / "Dawn Of Eternity" were recorded and produced by Alex Lysiakow and Purgatory within the pits of Soundart-Recording Studios in November 2009. "Ars Moriendi" originally composed by Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult. "Dawn Of Eternity" originally composed by Massacre.

Split Mini-LP with DNS "The Legion Of Chaos"