Details - "Ωmega Void Tribvnal"Purgatory - 2016 - Omega Void Tribvnal


01. Devouring the Giant
02. Prophet of Demonic Wrath
03. Chaos.Death.Perdition.
04. Nemesis Enigma
05. Codex Anti
06. The Curse of Samhain - Part II
07. Via Dolorosa
08. The Archaic Evil

Recording line-up:

Dreier - vocals
René - guitars
Lutz - drums
Peter - bass

Album details:

Release: LP / CD / Digi-CD / Tape 2016
bel: War Anthem Records / WAR 072 LP / WAR 072 DCD
Darkness Shall Rise Productions / DSR 023 (Tape)

"OMEGA VOID TRIBVNAL" was recorded in November 2015 within the ritualistic chambers of Musical Massacre's Studio.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel ( during November / December 2015.

All musical prayers of perdition by PURGATORY.
Lyrical propaganda and philosophical misleading by AK Andychrist "Deathmonger" and PURGATORY.

Additional vocals by "Deathtrader (ABYSSOUS/ HERETIC) & AK Andychrist "Deathmonger (HATESPAWN/ CHARON). Additional guitars by the "Angel of Disease" (HATESPAWN).

Visual revelations in coverartwork and layout by SB (

Band photography by the mistress of light and darkness "Schizophreny Photography" (