Details - "Necromantaeon"


01. Arrival Of The Undivine
02. Reaping The Diseased
03. Where Darkness Reigns
04. Glorification Of The Lightbearer
05. Downwards Into Unlight
06. Scourging Blasphemies
07. Calling The Grand Destroyers
08. Necromantaeon
09. The Collapse Of Tides

Recording line-up:

Dreier - vocals
René - guitars
Lutz - drums
Peter - bass

Album details:

Release: CD / Digi-Cd / LP / PicLP 2011
Label: War Anthem Records / WAR035CD / WAR035CDD
Animate Records / AR037 (LP)

Recorded in September 2010 at "Rape of Harmonies Studios". Engineered and produced by Patrick W. Engel and Purgatory. Mixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel at "Temple of Disharmony" in October / November 2010. All music created by Purgatory. All lyrics written by Sick and Purgatory. Additional vocals by CommAndyChrist (Hatespawn). Additional guitars by Angel of Disease (Hatespawn). Cover artwork and layout by Jumali (Metal Artist). Band photography by Mario Gallasch.