Details - "DEATHKVLT - Grand Ancient Arts"


01. Onward to the Burning Shores
02. Grand Ancient Arts
03. Psalms of Invocation
04. Underneath Fathomless Depths
05. Pandemonium Rising
06. Unleash the Reaper
07. Into Starless Chaos
08. As I Behold I Despise (only Digi-CD / LP)
09. Of Reverence and Ruin
10. Consumed by Ashes

Recording line-up:

Dreier - vocals
René - guitars
Lutz - drums
Peter - bass

Album details:

Release: CD / Digi-Cd / LP / PicLP 2013
Label: War Anthem Records / WAR052CD / WAR052DCD
Animate Records / AR... (LP)

„DEATHKVLT - Grand Ancient Arts“ was forged within the „Temple of Disharmony“ amidst the ruined pits of „Rixorcist Studios“ Roßwein. Recording, mix and mastering done by Patrick W. Engel and Purgatory during December and January 2012 / 2013. All mvsic by Purgatory. All lyrical vomits spawned from Sick and Purgatory. Abysmal blasphemies on „Consumed by Ashes“ spit forth by CommAndyChrist Deathmonger (Hatespawn / Charon). Additional guitar invocations summoned by the Angel of Disease (Hatespawn). Cover artwork and layout created by Digital Wortex and Purgatory. Band photography by Art of Nero.

DEATHKVLT - Grand Ancient Arts