Details - "Damage Done By Worms"


01. Orgy Of Sickening Dreams
02. Deep Under The Light
03. Sodomizing Time
04. Robes Of Skin
05. Psychopathia Pt.II
06. Necrocannibalistical Insanity
07. Brood Of Incest
08. Irresolute Subjection
09. The Final Breath
10. Frozen Braincells
11. Paroxysm Of Mortal Lust
12. Sadistic Spell
13. Necronominal Necropsy

Recording line-up:

Sick - vocals
René - guitars/vocals
Uwe - bass
Lutz - drums

Album details:

Release: CD / PicLP 1996
Label: Perverted Taste Records / P.T. 015

Songs 1–9 were recorded, mixed and mastered in March / April 1996 at Brückenhaus Audio Productions Dresden. Songs 10-13 were recorded and mixed in October 1994 and re-mastered in April 1996 at Brückenhaus Audio Productions Dresden. Engineered and produced by Jens Eisbein, Michael Heidrich and Purgatory. All music and lyrics by Purgatory. Additional female vocals by Janett. All Keysboards by Jens Eisbein. Coverartwork by Silvia Rumberger. Layout by Maja/ Invasion. Band photography by Bert Arnold.

Damage Done By Worms