Details - "Luciferianism"


01. Damned And Betrayed
02. Visions Beyond Light
03. The Daimonion
04. March Of The Eminent Beast
05. Pharynx Of Evil
06. Captured Souls
07. Blessed With Flames
08. In Blasphemy
09. ...And Blood Flows

Recording line-up:

Sick - vocals
René - guitars
Lutz - drums
Torsten - bass

Album details:

Release: CD / Digi-Cd / LP 2000
Label: Perverted Taste Records / P.T. 031
Miriquidi Productions / MPCOTD 029 (LP)

“Blessed With Flames Of Hate” was recorded, mixed and mastered in May / June 2000 at A.M.I. Productions Dresden. Engineered and produced by Jens Eisbein, Alex Hayn and Purgatory. All music and lyrics created by Purgatory. “March Of The Eminent Beast” was created by Usche und Jens Eisbein. Additional vocals by Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth). Coverartwork by Falk Schäfer and Purgatory. Band photography by Bert Arnold and Lars Hoffmann.

Blessed With Flames Of Hate