Details - "Bestial"


01. My Blood
02. Ulcer Of Hate
03. Immolation Of The Weak
04. The Bestial
05. Back From The Shadowlands
06. Your Soul Will Never Rest
07. Malignant Spawn
08. Enslaved by Madness
09. Tormented Flesh
10. Burned

Recording line-up:

Sick - vocals
René - guitars/vocals
Usche - bass
Lutz - drums

Album details:

Release: CD / LP 1997
Label: Perverted Taste Records / P.T. 022

“Bestial” was recorded, mixed and mastered in September 1997 at A.M.I. Productions Dresden. Engineered and produced by Jens Eisbein, Michael Heidrich, Hendrik Meyer and Purgatory. All music and lyrics by Purgatory. Additional vocals by Andy(Christ) Kaufmann (Impending Doom). Coverartwork by Silvia Rumberger. Band photography by Bert Arnold and G. Junghans.