S.O.D. #2 (USA)


1998 Perverted Taste Records
9 Skulls

Yet another killer brutal Death Metal release from Germany´s Perverted Taste Records following up on last year´s morbid and depressing Forever dead CD from COERCION. PURGATORY was founded in 1988 making them one of the oldest of Germany´s so called Death Metal cult bands and have had an impressive output, releasing three demos, two Ep´s and 1996´s Damage Done By Worms album. Musically, Bestial delivers the goods with sadistically guttural vocals, gut-ripping guitars and hard-driving drum blasts, and tracks like “Ulcer Of Hate”, “The Bestial” and “Tormented Flesh” should leave fans of pure cult German Death Metal drowning in a pool of their own blood.