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Nov 11, 2016
PURGATORY will play at Braincrusher Festival in Hirschhaid on Friday the 31st March 2017.

31st Mar. '17: Hirschhaid - Braincrusher Festival

Oct 11, 2016
PURGATORY are about to assault the Netherlands again! Come and witness some live madness at Het Podium in Hoogeveen on coming Saturday, the 15th of October!

Sep 24, 2016
Another shirt design for our current record "Omega Void Tribvnal" is ready to leave our leprous halls!

Cover-drawing by Vincent Helmkamp (Necromaniacs Artworks). Omega-icon designed by Peter Handzuš (Digital Wortex). Layouting by Animate Records.

Order now at purgatory666[at]web.de or at shop.animate-records.com!

Available sizes: M, L, XL, XXL. Black, SOL'S Imperial (190 g/m²), 100% cotton.

Price: 15 € (Germany) / Feel free to ask for worldwide postage and shipping prices via purgatory666[at]web.de

"Chaos.Death.Perdition" Shirt

Sep 10, 2016
OUT NOW!!! Darkness Shall Rise Productions have officially released "Omega Void Tribvnal" as well as "20 Years Underground" on tape! Order at Darkness Shall Rise Productions or via purgatory666@web.de.

DSR 023 - 6 €

PURGATORY (GER) "Omega Void Tribvnal"

Pro-tape with pro printed cover. Limited edition of 200 handnumbered copies.

DSR 023 - PURGATORY "Omega Void Tribvnal"

DSR 022 - 12 €

PURGATORY (GER) "20 Years Underground"

Douple tape compilation. Limited edition of 111 handnumbered copies.

DSR 022 - "20 Years Underground"

Sep 9, 2016
PURGATORY will play at Klub Kartell in Goslar on 2nd October 2016.
2nd Oct.: Goslar - Klub Kartell